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by Keith Landry


Stairs (With Video)

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Take the lift and your half way up….
Reach the top and your half way up…
You didn’t see your rise, and Lost your way…..
Looking down on the world your tears fall…
You Missed the Beauty of the climb.
And now you’re blind.

Take the stairs on your way up.
The crowd that follows helps you on your way.
The Journeys’ slow, but you meet the birds you would have passed.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Beautiful incredible video did you film it ? If so excellent work would love to actually watch it live magical like the song

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Thanks for your music bud. Just thanks. Your lyrics and music always inspire me to play. Even if it's a totally different style. Just makes me want to haul a** back to the studio and jam out. Thank you. Don't ever stop playing.

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thetworegs said

Another cracker...excellent delivery....

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Anton said

So inspiring bro!

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Andrew Russe said

I was sure I'd commented this one... anyway, back for another go. Love it.

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Keith Landry said

Just back again to listen to this magnificent piece of work. Sooooo good.

Guest said

Lovely understated sounding track that speaks volumes! Beautiful Tharek!

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Movement To Contact said

Amazing track my have a great way with words and how you deliver them. I found out the climb is the best part....hell i just started it not to long ago....

Guest said

Typically moving...I need a thesauraus...blown away by your song-writing talent.

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Keith Landry said

Damn, Tharek. Just a great song... As always, envious of that incredible picking of yours.

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Norm said


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A Bit More Better Productions said

very pretty this.. and enjoy the sentiment. trying not to miss the beauty of the climb - so easily done

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launched said

Yes, I love it, bro!

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kirklynch said

Lovely stuff there Tharek!

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igor said

Just agree with Geir.

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Geir said

This is beautiful poetry and beautiful music Tharek !!! Love it !