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Piano Moment 11

Uploaded .

i have been afield for a while,, this is my first contribution RPM 2012

Lalo Oceja's avatar
Lalo Oceja said

it takes me to the peace of the night... beautiful!

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vaisvil said


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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate great feeling

Guest said

Hello Richard, I thought you had forgotten us! A beautiful start to your 2012 RPM. I thought you played that lovingly!

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Nosda Cariad said

Very nice indeed.

Guest said

Well done.

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kirklynch said

Beautiful! Makes me want to have another shot at learning piano

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kavin. said

Wonderful! Glad you are back!

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Keith Landry said

Ha! First one in! Beautifully done as always, Richard. Once again, you make me wish I could play piano.