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This evolved out of an exercise in a workbook I just got on music composition. The original task was to write a melody in the Dorian mode about water…

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Jason Earls said

amazing! so cool this came from a workbook exercise...

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kirklynch said

Wow! Gorgeous! Can't believe I missed this one

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Keith Landry said

Very nice haunting arrangement. Love the guitar coming in at around 1:20-ish. Really deftly handled orchestration throughout.

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks man! As usual I was just screwing around, it has hints of the new cd..let's just say it could almost be an unplugged album..but not in the way you normally think. :)

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richardlaceves said

very very nice!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...real nice work here, Djorkman; thanks for listening!

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Movement To Contact said

Hell yes. Hell yes. I had an entire story running in my head to this one. Love the run in the last :50 seconds, totally my style of song writing. I love how the progression takes you from point a to point b without losing anything. Very cool track. Nuff said. :)

Guest said

Thanks I'm glad you enjoyed it!:) it was kinda made in a hurry....did i tell you how much this track rules?!

Guest said

Fantastic track. Lovely feel, nice!

Guest said

Oh my. I love it. Faved after 20 seconds, and then it just got better and better! Very evocative of emotional challenges...rejuvenating.

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epimeison said


Guest said

Love it!

Guest said

Applause!:) Totally awesome, cool changes with the composed Dorian-Style are cool!