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Take Me Dancing

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A funky track, featuring Amanda Persson, the 15 yo Daughter of Strummindude, on lead vocals. Amanda is currently competing in the 2011 Swedish Idol finals. (Oct 2011)

Take Me Dancing
(Words & Music by Jana Persson)

Take me up
Take me down
Take me in
Show me around
Take the tour and you will see

Shake me up
Shake me down
Shake me good
Don’t slow me down
Shake the apple from the tree

Work me up
Work me down
Work me right
Into the ground
Work together that’s the key

Swing me up
Swing me down
Swing me round
Take me to town
Swing me right and you will see

Oh, oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Just take me dancing
Take me dancing, yeah, yeah

Hit the floor and
Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme
Grooving to the music
Losing space and time
Feel the power
Feel it rushing through my veins
Ears are screaming louder
Losing all the reins

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kirklynch said

Great track! Only 15? Incredible!

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Keith Landry said

Crazy good... In every way. Listening to Amanda sing on this outstanding track reassures me that the future of music is safe.

Guest said

... sounds nice !

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Keith Landry said

This track is just incredible... Put together a music video and this will be HUGE in the states... And what a voice on that kid of yours!... I have a feeling it won't be very long until we'll all be saying, "and I heard her when she was only fifteen." Top notch songwriting, arranging, performance... Just first rate all the way you two!

Guest said

I love this girl! Has she got any of her own stuff up any where?

Guest said

Your daughter is singing this? WOW!!! What a voice, 15 years old or otherwise!

Guest said

Fave! No-brainer!