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Epitaph for Brandon McCarthy

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All right, so one of those silly songs needed to find its way onto the album. In an effort to teach the students on my middle school team about rhythm in poetry, I wrote this little bit of foolishness about a fictional character (so yes, you are right to laugh when you hear the second half of the song in all its stupidity).

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another cultural landslide said

How did I miss this gem? Love it! w;-)

Guest said

yikes! Nice work!

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Mythical Man-Month said

Great job Keith!

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Keith Landry said

Just updating all the songs from "Keeping Constant Motion" with versions that have the vocals a bit more up front... Just had to favorite this one. Of all the songs I've ever written, this one and "Amy Pond" are the most requested... Just goes to show that silliness in songwriting often speaks to people more than seriousness.

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Reefwalker said

Great song/ love the lyrics.:)

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Peter Fedofsky said

On your recommend, I'll dive into newer songs. Keith, you are a great story-driven songsmith. The stories in your songs are always interesting and well formed. Keep it up!

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kirklynch said

HAHA! Great fun!