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Pacing The Cage (with Dave Berry)- Bruce Cockburn

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A beautiful song by our fellow Canadian Bruce Cockburn.

Guitars by Dave Berry
Vocals and Moog synth by Sandy Gritt

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thetworegs said

back for some more of this beauty".........

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thetworegs said

I've said this before and I'll say it again this is excellent

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Keith Landry said

I just need to comment on this one again... RIDICULOUSLY good track!

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Keith Landry said

Faved at 0:12. Loving the perfect simplicity of the arrangement.

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Dirty Spirits said

great performance. enjoy the wisdom and subtle soul in your voice.

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SuperChris said

"pacing the cage." I love that line. Love it. Awesome sound. Also, Willie Wendon is spot on in his comparison of the guitars to Bruce Cockburn's vibe.

Guest said

cool song. Nice vocals.

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thetworegs said


Guest said

Well done guys, classy piece of work. Will have to listen to more of Bruce Cockburns work it sounds my sort of music.

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henwrench said

Fantastic work fellas!! Great stuff, feels so right...

Guest said

Superb collab, damn nice lyrics!

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Drop D said

Yup...I gotta like this one. Great lyrics too.

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Movement To Contact said

Thanks for the listens. :) very nice collab you have going here! Very clean recording as well!

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kavin. said

My favorite BC song (there are many) and you did it justice.

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cuthbert said

What a great collab! Love the guitar and vox - very poignant. Take a bow, fellas.

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thetworegs said

Days drip on the page pacing the cage excellent great vocal Sandy .....not forgetting that great playing Dave...and that magic sauced solo...i shall have to look up Bruce Cockburn sounds relation to Rooster i suppose?

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richardlaceves said

really great,, very sweet playing on the guitar-- excellent vocals,, the synth and story line, are all great,,,,!!

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Norm said

Excellent work! Great collaboration.

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Dave Berry said

Great vocal Sandy, wonderful job

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crackitopen said

Nice sound guys....peaceful mood

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oldrottenhead said

totally spiffing guid sirs. you guys should do more together. 'tis special