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by Keith Landry



Uploaded .

A little fingerstyle improv in DADGAD tuning inside the Serra sculpture Vortex at the FW MOMA. No fx added.

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James Michael Taylor said

The new John Renborn.

Guest said


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another cultural landslide said

You know I LOVE this track! Soon...w;-)

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vaisvil said

love it!

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issleneandleo said

so good. It transports me.

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Wildgeas Music said

Some real nice guitar playin.

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Djörk said

wow, cool recording!

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Keith Landry said

Man, I get out of the loop for just a little while and Kavin drops all of this amazing guitar work her on Alonetone. There is no better, "Hey, welcome back, where've you been?" that I could have asked for.

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Paul Lisney said

Very nice sound!

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kavin. said

Thanks all, a few more to come, I don't have wifi these days so my internet use is sporadic. @Slkrell: it's an Edirol (roland)R09 wav/mp3 recorder.

Guest said

Cool project, what recorder? Zoom? dadgad works for me

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Greg Connor said

Once again, great idea! The natural acoustics of the room really show off your guitar playing.

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thetworegs said


Guest said

Whayhay, not bad!!! :) Brilliant work and live too - amazing!

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richardlaceves said

lovely touch, the recording makes me feel like im right there, feeling the strings vibrating

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Billy Jack said

nice guitar work