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by Keith Landry


Labor Day in Heaven

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Guitar, $300… Folding chair, $30… Firewood, free… Labor Day, priceless.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Brilliant, my friend.

Matt Ferrara's avatar
Matt Ferrara said

How have I not heard this one before? Yeesh. Great tune, Keith

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

What? I missed favoriting this? Really great track! w;-)

Guest said

this is THE song.

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

Sounds good, Keith. Very nice. ER

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

No envy Keith. You play just as damn good my friend. I am glad you were one of the first to listen to that track, being an acoustic genius. Actually most of that song is all my friend Lance. He showed me the tuning and the main riff, I just went for the ride.

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Well, as night sets in on another great labor day, I just thought I'd bring this ode to the end of summer back into view. Enjoy!

Tharek Ali Mokbul's avatar
Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Love the Title! Love the SOng!!!!! "A wise man learns what a fool soon forgets." What a great line! Keep on playing mr Landry!

Guest said

Sounds ideal to me. You genuinely sound delighted. Have a nice day!

Guest said

Mr. Landry I LOVE this song -Britt/kid