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RPM 4: Something In The Way

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couple beers, 6 lonely strings, and an electric noise quicker-picker-upper.

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Movement To Contact said

You know i've got a pretty good little tub-preamp but the bass has active pick-ups. I think my main problem is i need better guitar cables. I've been getting this subtle hiss from the bass and it's driving me crazy. I've checked and re-checked everything and it has to be the does eliminate some if i use the interface vs the line in on the computer, but i got the interface for my "upgraded" studio....which has windows 7 and so you can imagine how that is coming along. ;)

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice!

Guest said

Digging this, super fresh!

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Sandy Gritt said

love your guitar style...subtle tones well played.

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cellxadore said

I'm really enjoying the lazy feel of this track :)

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Keith Landry said

Yup, another great track right from the start.

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Dave Berry said

Beautiful stuff.

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Movement To Contact said

Dig this one too, i will be back to listen more.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..very nice! :)

Guest said

Love it. Nothing more to say. Beautiful.

Guest said

Vera, vera nice Lad! This one soothes the nerves... I like it~

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Stunning tone! Perfect to sit back to! Enjoyed this a lot!

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Wildgeas Music said

Splendid. Real sweet track with a beer on top.

Guest said

Beautiful track man!

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kirklynch said

This is really beautiful!

Guest said

Cool tune i like it.

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launched said

This one dug deep, bro. Really crispy plectrum action. And a great mix with a perfect sound. Love it.