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by Keith Landry


Three Winter Brids

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rpm #4,, i love watching the local birds,, in winter they seem a bit more eager, in my imagination,, they must spend more of their time sitting around their wood stoves, munching on seeds and telling stories of summer days, all the while as the winds blow outside the nest,,,, my thanks to Bethan and Nosda Cariad,, who have been listening and sharing their thoughts and suggestions,, as my thanks to everyone else who have been listening and commenting ,,,, all mistakes/problems/issues are of course all mine,,,,r

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Beautiful Richard.

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Oh yes, another gorgeous one. I think it's my favourite so far.

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Another beauty Richard!

kavin.'s avatar
kavin. said

Lovely stuff this rpm RL, keep on.

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Verrrrry nice, Richard... Captured the mood perfectly.