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Uploaded .

Just did not really make the cut for RPM this year but had some good concept licks so I decided to let it sleep here.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate.

Guest said


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Wildgeas Music said

Oh love that wah wah break.

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Wildgeas Music said


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Norm said


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Reefwalker said

Fxs kick butt cool groove

Guest said

Your stuff is always interesting. I'm guessing you are just as addicted to writing music as I am. Appreciate the RAGE-y vibe.

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another cultural landslide said

Really like this track. Full out rock, then pulls back. Dig. w;-)

Guest said

Rocks and talks.

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Vestigial Remorse said

wow... I hope I'm good enough to say something like this wouldn't make my RPM cut... Awesome stuff!

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Djörk said

love the effects

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kirklynch said

If that didn't make the cut I can't wait to hear what did!

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Andrew Russe said

Yep some good stuff in here.