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by Keith Landry


Can't Sing the Blues

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My life’s simply too good to write a proper blues song.


Keith Landry: Guitar, Vocals
Liam Byrne: Drums
Brian Martin: Bass

My wife hasn’t left me
The dog’s still alive
The kids are all healthy
Got a nice car to drive
Y’all see my trouble
Despite how I try I can’t sing the blues

No holes in my shoes
Good roof over my head
Ain’t been drinking the booze
There’s no bugs in my bed
I’d act like I’m hungry
But I’ve been too well fed and I can’t sing the blues

It’s so damn hard when life is so easy
To sing like I’m headed for a fall
My little rose-colored glasses sure do please me
I’d like to tell you I’m losing it all
But I’m not

Never been out of work
And money’s not tight
My boss isn’t a jerk
And friends treat me right
I could play this song all night but I can’t sing the blues

Yeah I’m doing all right
I just can’t sing the blues