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Metal Man

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An unusual traditional tune from the first Scartaglen album way back in 1984. Going through stuff the other day and ran across the LP and couldn’t even remember the tune or having recorded it. I played guitar on this track

Guest said

How lovely to have these tracks from what is now a fairly distant past. Great musicianship.

Guest said

Kirk, This is Greg Zenitsky. You likely won't remember me but I was a student at UMKC in the early 80's and I made a couple of recordings of Scartaglen as part of a project in Tom Mardie's audio recording classes. I believe one of the tunes was Metal Man. Is this cut from that tape by chance? I misplaced my tape copies years ago before having the opportunity to make digital copies. Regardless, I hope this message finds you well. Always enjoyed your music!

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Jason Earls said

wonderful piece of music!

Guest said

Very pretty melody!

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kavin. said

Simply lovely. Will have to search for more Scartaglen.

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Drop D said

Thanks for posting this. It's always nice to go diggin' through the ol' stax to stumble on lost forgotten gems. I think I recall you guys playing this live...very happy to be able to hear it again now.

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Keith Landry said

...And back again to listen to this little piece of perfection. Just magnificently played.

Guest said

Great guitars and chord sequences and licks.

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crackitopen said

this is soul music....longlistening

Guest said

WOW!This is great!

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another cultural landslide said

A track after my own heart! w;-)

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thetworegs said

A lovely tune to make the morning coffee too

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Permanent Tourist said

Wonderful tones . . . soothing

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Andrew Russe said

This is mighty fine.

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...nice; classic 'freshness' here. :)

Guest said

Sounds great, feels like a sunny day!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said


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Room 34 said

This brings a smile to my face. Nice work!

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dougsparling said

Is that the same Metal Man that Barry Dransfield did on Bowin' And Scrapin'? Maybe that's where I remember that tune from. I swear I don't remember a Scartaglen recording before Middle Path, but I do seem to recall you guys had one on Kicking Mule Records....

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richardlaceves said

rich and beautiful, the playing is sweet, about 2:40 in what is that instrument? very soft but high,, very very well done

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dougsparling said

Holy shyte, I haven't heard that tune for years, not even sure I ever had that record. Pre-Middle Path? You should dig up Jezaig sometime, though I seem to recall that Roger played the guitar part...

Guest said

You "played guitar on this track"...and how! Typically brilliant. Wonderful flavours and shades of awesome.

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Reefwalker said

wow, I almost missed this ! great wide open guitar feel, cool tune

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thetworegs said

lovely tune

Guest said

Fantastic! Talent beyond compair!

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AMUC said

This really appeals to my Irish half. There's something about Irish folk music that brings a smile to one's face.

Guest said

So nice!! And so well recorded!! Glad you found it and posted too.

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kauaikta said

Wow - excellent! Love it!

K. SCOT SPARKS   79+intercessions's avatar
K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..Cool, dr.!!!! (AND Thanks again fr lisnin!!)

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

May not be much metal, but you are definately the man. This makes me happy without being manic.

Guest said

also makes me think I should dust my mandolin off a bit more !!

Guest said

very much enjoyed and down loaded....thanks . Jarvo

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marc said

Really sweet tune, really sweetly played.

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Wildgeas Music said

FN excellent! Get's my Irish up.....

Guest said

nice melody, very well played

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Geir said

Not at all what I expected from the title, but wow what an amazing piece of music. Great music and excellent performance !!! LOVE IT !!!!!!!

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vaisvil said

I love this!!! Excellent!

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Keith Landry said

Faved at the first note. Jeez, Kirk, this "way back" stuff is fantastic!!!

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Lil' mar mar said

really nice job.

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Rick Phillips said

12 string? Beautiful

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Wonderful tune, superbly played!

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lumberfork said

I'm usually not a fan of a big celtic sound, but this is just amazing. Beautiful and happy. This really moves me.

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igor said

~In ancient ages we drank (a bit, of course) and danced by candlelight~

Guest said

Oh Kirk, it's lovely. I shall enjoy this one as much as the others. Thank you!

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epimeison said

Very nice and lovely..! Very very very!