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by Keith Landry



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This song has a tale similar to Left Me Wondering. This was made up on the mic, both gtr and vox. Unlike Left Me Wondering however, I went back and overdubbed some backing harmonies and I also did a little extra GTR on it too.

What’s fun about it was that it was the first song of RPM 2006 on Feb 1, 2006. (about 2-3 days before I took ill)

The gtr on it is my Guild acoustic, I love it’s sound.

This song sounds best in a dark room, late at night, turned up loud so you can hear the space in it.

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Keith Landry said

Great unplugged track... It may be time for an all-acoustic album, Gary!

Guest said

Thanks've got some awesome songs this one...great tune...kinda "Kinks"-y....I love the vocal harmonies on your stuff... cheers, damian