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just remember i'm santa claus

Uploaded .

This is really a true story.

No, really…

And our holiday gift to you & your friends. (Feel free to download it and share it with anyone who you think might enjoy it.)

Oh… by the way… acl is finally waking from a very deep slumber, and we now have a slew of tracks heading your way over the next two months - we’re talking like almost two albums of brand new stuff.

And it’s all really, really different. (As usual.)

You’ve been warned.

kirk & wendy, aka acl, aka another cultural landslide

p.s. mzkitty sez hi

Merry Bear's avatar
Merry Bear said

Ha ha! Fabulous! Rock on!

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Richard Hardrick said


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fallingupart said

Oh, hahahaha! Genius. ". . . complete with sound effects . . ."

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another cultural landslide said

Thank you, Gumbo!!!! w;-)

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Gumbo said

Playing again only louder!!

Guest said

Kirk, my friend. I'm sat here in a hotel in dener, picking away on my new Pauley SG and I'm thinking; "I need some ACL." Ho - Ho - Ho. You nkow I love this song and within a few months a bunch of Coloradans (sp?) wiwll do too. B

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Cave Street said

one of the all time faves "this kid's got one helluva grip!"

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lgh said

A fun romp through insanity. LG

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Keith Landry said

Absolutely brilliant.

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Keith Landry said

So where's the ACL fan club? Do I need to start a chapter? HA, the Toby Keith T-shirt!!!

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cseaperu said

what about Rudolph?

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Endicott Road said

Truth is stranger than fiction! ER

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Movement To Contact said

Glad you liked it!

Guest said

haha. cool oldie.

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quill said

Today, this is the tune that turns rotten days right around. This one, right here. Thank you!

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another cultural landslide said

Bethan - you just made me smile... w;-)

Guest said

You see, if Wendy hadn't sent you to "Hardware", this track would never have happned.

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Norm said


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Zanois said

Great stuff! I am commenting on this on specifically because it is the one I most enjoyed, though that is not to disparage the other tracks in any way... Was this one done for any RPM? I am a fellow February-er which is why I ask. Keep up stuff!

Guest said

what's new?

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Anthony Sweet said

just awesome!.....Wendy, just love this.

Guest said

Thanks for comment man! Really Appreciate it!

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ghostly said

Fantastic! :-) hehe

Guest said

Good one , Cracked me up.

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Gumbo said

this is going on our Xmas mix this year (i'll have to redo it, now ..)

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Gumbo said



AWESOME!!! Happy Christmas!!!

 ShamPain's avatar
ShamPain said

great stuff

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Vincent Tomasso said


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Goblin mA.I.sta said

I had to keep myself from laughing just so I could keep listening. you had me on the edge of my seat. LOL keep it up

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Gareth Grant said

Thankyou for your feedback on city streets at christmas. I have now re-mastered this track five times. I am happy with it now. This track of yours is also very well done. Nice atmosphere.

Guest said

this is very cool. I wish santa claus would give everybody a copy of this tune this year.

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childhoodsend said

Hysterical. Funny. Cool.

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deadbeatbert said

Genius, my friends, sheer genius. B

Guest said

Great! Great! Great!

Guest said

Great story, well told, and nice bluesy vocal Wendy.

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Wildgeas Music said

:D Ho Ho Ho

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OHHO said

Good Stuff!

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brando said

You guys are the best! Great story, great blues, great narration.

Guest said

Oh GREAT delivery! Merry Christmas!!!

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kirklynch said

Friggin BRILLIANT!!! "I've just been groped by an elf" LOL! Merry Christmas to you guys

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Room 34 said

This is great... and it just keeps getting better! Thanks for a laugh this morning... I needed it!

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kavin. said

"santa" and her elves used to live across the street, thankfully gone now, they must have moved to Fla! I would like some zztop tapes for Christmas....

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kavin. said

"grinch's up a face" it!

Guest said

lol this sounds like it's from a radio show. This is mental stimulation supreme. lol. Thanks for the upload!! you damn well better be good.... haha... This is brilliant.

Guest said

This is great!!! First thing I listened to this morning. I will have a good day now!

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Johnny Stone said

Just great well done guys. Have a Merry Christmas