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To Be Titled (Winter Bridge Sessions)

Uploaded .

A new song that I’ve been working on, still yet to be titled, but heres a live recording as part of the Winter Bridge Sessions (video to accompany on youtube).

It was recorded on a bridge at night in the winter … aka Winter Bridge Sessions, and it was extremely cold which adds to the challenge of performing! I will soon have more up from the Winter Bridge Sessions but here you are for now1 :)

Check out the Video!

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Keith Landry said

Great live take, Corbin. For the perfection of the your studio tracks, it is the purity of your live performances (particularly the outstanding vocal delivery) that truly blow me away. I look forward to hearing that jig-picked guitar more clearly on a studio recording someday... And loving the commentary at the end of this track. It's good to hear the voices of youth (bringing me back to my own and the crazy things we'd do... much like recording on a bridge in winter).

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richardlaceves said

great song,,,really neat video,, what a cool idea!!

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Richard Hardrick said

I like it!!!!

Guest said

Great song, greater performance.

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Guest said

Fantastic song. Superb performance! You are really talented!!

Guest said

Sounds like quite the song I love the roughness of this version And very cool video!

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Dave Berry said

Yup, deadly song. Thats a jig almost, dance music on acoustic. Great energy here.

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BogStomp said

I love the feel of this tune, good tension and release. Great job.