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Arise (Live Take)

Uploaded .

The Wife is a self confessed “Not a morning person”…..

I am a morning person (well… Wake up happy person)…. and so is the boy….

This causes some friction sometimes…. LOL!!!!!!!

We went to a church fate today… Was an early start…

After the friction of the dawn, It was the best of days!!!!!!!!!

The boy had a great time and so did we!

I won two bottles of wine….. (Am a little Drunk so please excuse the Quality)

The Boy got his face painted like Spiderman and Wore out a Bouncy castle…

And the wife helped me write this song when we got home….

The best of days!!!!

I recorded this live so I wouldn’t forget it…

Sorry about the quality…. Live take again…

This is called “Arise”…

Lyrics:- Tharek and Liz Mokbul
Music and vocals:-Just Tharek (Liz wouldn’t sing this time)

Sunlight it hits our skin and we,
Now let the day begin,
Yet another time….
For all our crimes…

And then the child he laughs and he,
Move all the shadows cast…
And we start again…
Then Make amends…

Yeah well be fine..
Just a Blip in Time…..

This loggerhead…..
Now put to bed…..

We live in worlds apart, but you,
Always seem so near…
And we struggle on…
In Living fear…

In times when we unite, This burden, it seems so light,
That it disappears,
With all my tears….

Yeah well be fine..
Just a Blip in Time…..

This loggerhead…..
Now put to bed…..

And peace it flows again, like wine poured between old friends…
Let us carry on…
And remember all…

The Joy it hurts our heads, and we
Are soon to forget, the sense we made…..
And the logic fades….

Yeah well be fine..
Just a Blip in Time…..

This loggerhead…..
Now put to bed…..

We see the child he runs so free…
A lesson learned for you and me,
When we see,
Our victory

The child he knows simplicity…
Why can we not see it from his way…
For Just one day….

Yeah well be fine..
Just a Blip in Time…..

This loggerhead…..
Now put to bed…..

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World War Nine said

Mourning person.

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Keith Landry said

Well, my friend, I find myself back in your playlist - somewhere I need to be more frequently. As I put the finishing touches on another album, I wonder if there's any music left in me. Then I listen to your magnificent music - spectacular songwriting from a tremendous mind who cares about the world in the same way but expresses it differently - and I want to see the world differently, write about it differently, sing about it differently. I thank you from across the Atlantic for your musical support in the past and the way I know your music will continue to inspire me in the future.

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lgh said

Simply a wonderful listen! LG

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Vestigial Remorse said

Awesome song :)

Guest said

Just obviously awesome. Loving this one all over again.

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Keith Landry said

All right, well I'm starting my OsCKilO music experience listenting to the playlist "Arise (Live and Acoustic)"... Mostly becuase I already love the title track. This is just a magnificent piece of songwriting. The straightforward simple arrangement and up-front vocals are just terrific. I am such a fan of the live recording, and this is one of the best.

Guest said

Hey thanks, your music simply awesome and too good...i don't think you have one track i don't like...keep up the great work!

Guest said

Cool tune! Vocals are smooth....thanks for uploading!

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richardlaceves said

very sweet flowing music,, the early morning is also one of my favorite times, i enjoy your sentiments in this piece

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Johnny Stone said

Top track mate dig it very much.

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Reefwalker said

This is one of my favs by you. Very ,very good

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Norm said

Totally pro. Well done.

Guest said

i'm not a morning person either, but this song greeted my this am and truly made my morning!

Guest said


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Wildgeas Music said

Phenomenal song writing T. As always, a wonderful performance.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Thanks Guys!!!! Dave... Not sure what the chord names are... I'm silly like that... Just found an online chord finder... It doesn’t tell me the chord but gives me the Notes of each string when it is fretted... The 1st is a C shape from the 3rd fret... -X- -D- -F#Gb- -G- -D- -E- Second Chord is F (Barred) Third is a G (Barred)

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Dave Berry said

I love this song Tharek. What were those chords again, I can't figure them out? Thats complex songwriting, it sounds simple but it is not. This sounds like a long lost classic from the English folk boom of the mid 60's, Bert Jansch and all that stuff.

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kirklynch said

Fabulous song writing man!

Guest said

Stunning. Osckilo...another solid track, showcasing your effortless talents. Wow. And your best ever vocal, IMHO.

Guest said

Well Done.

Guest said

You are such a talented song writer. Such a wonderful sound here and I love your lyrics.

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Movement To Contact said

Spot on recording.

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

Hey keith..... Learned it from you yesterday!!! LOL!!!!

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Keith Landry said

Wow. This is songwriting 440 (where I should belong somewhere in songwriting 201). How was I allowed into this class? I have no prerequisites nor do I have professorial approval and yet I find myself here learning more in 4:28 from Doctor Osckilo than I have in years. Incredible stuff, sir.

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launched said

Wow.... WOW!!!!! I love this - 'Bout all I can say, bro! You rule!