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Falling Is Never

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The Cacaphony of the Kaleidoscopy, and a nod to 70’s progressive rock. Brace yourself - this is a long one!

Falling Is Never
(Lyrics by Aaron Strebs, Music by Jana Persson)

Years between life, between panic, a lie
between she who would die between simple and I..
Weather the water way over the Summer
Be gentle and faithful to me

Stuck in a sleep, I lost count of the sheep
(did they mean much when I took flight?)

Wave sad water away…
Death is much harder to play…
Guessing just isn’t enough
Falling is never in love

Point taken too far
Lonely as you are
finding a cold set of keys

Driving an old car
Pounding the old bar
What will you do if she leaves?

Soaked for a weekend, one hell of a deep end
One ghost who is not hard to see
Step right a lost love kept perfectly still
in my mind we rewind for a night

Wave sad water away…
Death is much harder to fake…
Confessing just isn’t enough
Falling is never in love

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Keith Landry said

First look at the clock: 8:48... And after hearing the first notes, I can tell that I'll be happy to hear every second... And will probably play it again upon it's completion... And now I just hit the guitars at 2:30. Speechless. To think that only 46 people have ever heard this song is criminal. New music course offering here only at Alonetone: Epic Songs 101 First day of classes: "Falling Is Never" Open enrollment starts now.

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Keith Landry said

Oh, now this track is just amazing... And I love the fact that you've taken the 8:48 to say what really needs saying lyrically and musically... And that guitar at around 2:20... Wow. I wish more artists would be more willing to return to a time when eight minutes of great music can be so damn good, and should NEVER be cut short if the song tells the artist that it NEEDS to be just that long.

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Guest said

riktig arena låt =)!

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igor said

I tighten the belt, hear to the end and no fell. On the contrary, I liked it. Loud is necessary, though.