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The Ivy Leaf Set

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Another Live performance with former band mates in Scartaglen back in 1988 on the NPR show Mountain Stage. This time a piece of Gaelic mouth music followed by 3 reels. Maybe the most complex arrangement of a set of tunes that we ever did.

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

great sound. Very lively and engaging. I may well have heard this 'live' on the radio as this one a show I listened to frequently back during this time.

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Greg Connor said

Great way to start the morning!

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Dan McHale said

I really like the opening vocal work. And the playing that follows is brilliant, must have been fun to hear live.

Guest said

This is fantastic. Fun stuff. Thanks

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another cultural landslide said

How could I possibly have missed this? Shame on me! I LOVE this track!!! w;-)

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Paul Lisney said

Great performance - very talented musicians.

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inge said

hey, my heart is dancing!

Guest said

cool! I enjoyed this live performance very much.

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andrewdavis said

Wow! I'm normally not into acapella, but that intro got me hooked until the instruments came in! Awesome piece!

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sleggthesockpuppet said


Guest said

Hell yeah!

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The Rose Serum Sextet said

Grand piece of Gaelic music. Great vocals. Great playing. I expect Fiona Ritchie to return after these messages.

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The Rose Serum Sextet said

Loving the vocals.

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Roger M. Harris said

Yep..... you're as mad as the rest of us on the site !!!!!! Love it !!

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trevroberts1 said

This is the weirdest most interesting piece I have honestly ever heard. I enjoted it does that mean Im going insane ? I would hope not. You are very talented.

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James Michael Taylor said

This is very impressive. I'm going to have to write something like this.

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Tipu said

I love this track so much. Such a nice track, one of my favs of all time!

Guest said

from Vaisvil - re; nylon 6 string - I've had really good luck with my local guitar center with used equipment. Re: 19 edo - many people consider 19 notes per octave to be the next logical step since you can still play 12 equal music (with sweeter chords) and also play stuff you can't play in 12 equal. However, if any alternate tuning has been embraced by academia it has been 24 notes per octave (quartertones) which is a much harder beast to tame though really good composers have pulled it off.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks for checking that, bro. More soon.

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Mike Grunert said

Very nice, the vocal part was cool.

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Lalo Oceja said


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kauaikta said

Great! You know, I first heard Clannad listening to the U2 Red Rocks concert on Showtime (My folks didn't actually subscribe to Showtime, so the picture was scrambled - but the audio was clear!). They had such lovely atmospherics, they grabbed my attention right away, even though I didn't understand a word. To my delight, in going through the back catalog, I was exposed to their acoustic, traditional music - the kind of music you played. It's a joy to hear your performances! Aloha!

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Tipu said

I loved it in the first 30 seconds!

Guest said

Turn my back for 11 lousy days!!!! Class. That lady is phenomenal - are you one of the male voices, Kirk? Wonderful folk music to soothe this tired soul! Very much enjoying these uploads. Keep them coming, oh master.

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FDR said

Ya gotta listern ta this

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Keith Landry said

Just back to listen again. Pure magic, these live tracks.

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igor said

~ we dance all night and sing and drink - why don't we? ~ Thank you, Kirk

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richardlaceves said

wow.... quite brilliant

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Wildgeas Music said

These tunes really fire me up!! Must be something in my blood. :)

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Wildgeas Music said

You are the coolest dude ever....

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Djörk said


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Keith Landry said

Oh my goodness. This is amazing.

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Nick P said

Whoa....the opening of the song is amazing! And the music that follows is wonderful

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Greg Connor said

This is incredible Kirk. I hope you have more of these recordings. They're fantastic.

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thetworegs said

excellent ...

Guest said

We often forget that the voice is as much an instrument as anything made from brass or wood ......well cool post and then the pipes aaaaaaaaah the pipes the skirling and wailing of th peeps 80) it'a all good mate ...

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Movement To Contact said good....

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Movement To Contact said


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Jason Earls said

love the vocals, and that is one awesome arrangement!

Guest said

Damn! I should have put me Guinness down before that last reel, I spilt it all over me pinny!

Guest said

Nice to hear vocals. Gaelic? My that's a mouthful. Just love these live performances and such superb music.