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by Keith Landry


Circles and Seasons

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In 1979, my father came home from the record store with an album that forever changed my life, Pete Seeger’s Circles & Seasons. Before I knew Pete to be the blacklisted folk icon that had been on the humanitarian side of every fight since fighting fascism, he was the fun voice that appeared on Sesame Street records and wrote songs like Abi Yoyo. Then I heard Maple Syrup Time with it’s simple and powerful message and I realized that music really mattered. This song grew when I started looking back at the handful of times that Pete and I have corresponded, and how we have always hand-written the letters.

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Greg Connor said

Thanks to another cultural landslide for bringing this song to the foreground. Pete accomplished a lot in 94 years. We're going to miss him.

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another cultural landslide said

R.I.P. Pete lovely tune, Keith. w;-)

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crackitopen said

really like Your style...joyous

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Keith Landry said

Just giving this a little bump in honor of the release of Pete Seeger's "Circles & Seasons" album on CD... About to play my newly acquired copy!