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Toward the Light (with Kavin)

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I’m really thinking of renaming the upcoming “Burning Wood… The Bonfire Sessions” album “Stealing Genius.” I write something simple, put down some picking at the beginning, some acoustic guitar and some vocals, and send it off to people with real talent… In this case, Kavin with some slide guitar perfection.

So you’ve lost it all
No turning back
Off the wall
And you’ve cracked

It’s a long way down
And black as night
When you’re underground
Head toward the light

You’ve been running
Away from the sound
Of the gunning
Time to stand your ground

It’s a long way down
And black as night
When you’re underground
Head toward the light

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kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Great stuff! Not sure how I missed this one

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

One word...BRILLIANT! w;-)

Guest said

Top quality and then some

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Now this is a great collab very cool indeed.

Movement To Contact's avatar
Movement To Contact said

Damn fine work guys. Sounds amazing, I think you guys might need to go on tour ;)

Djörk's avatar
Djörk said


Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

Solid Gold Gents. A-1

Breaking Light's avatar
Breaking Light said

Great song but that slide gtr is kinda cheesy :)

Guest said

Weoooow! Real cool slide. Great vocal and song. Super track guys!

oldrottenhead's avatar
oldrottenhead said

great collab guys

Guest said

Cor...wonderful collab. Great start to my day! Thanks both. :)

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Faved for Kavin's slide guitar goodness!