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by Keith Landry


Keep Shining Through

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Keep Shining Through- Last minute lyrics…kind of a cop-out, since it’s a song about song-writing. I didn’t have any better ideas and after losing so much time from the outage I had to just bust out what I could. It was pretty much written on the microphone. I used more infinite reverb guitar parts on this one, that keyboard sounding thing is actually a guitar. I had a lot of fun with the ooh-ahh harmonies in the 2nd verse. The bass was also fun to do, especially in the chorus. This song has weird blend of 60’s and 80’s influences but I think it works. It has a very poppy, straight-forward beat, but the percussion is definitely Indian influenced. The guitar sounds like the Edge (circa Boy and October) meets George Harrison (circa Revolver). That’s appropriate since the main guitar is my SG through a Vox AC-30. Well, it’s not really an AC-30, it’s a boutique amp I have had for almost 20 years now, made to look and sound like an AC-30, but with decent electronics. It did such a great job; the company got sued by Vox. Oh well.

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another cultural landslide said

5 words - GARY FOX IS THE MAN! w;-)

Guest said

Amazing foxy RPM album! How can so much fun be free? 2010 is an awesome year. Can feel summer early. Also loving the retro vibe - maybe it's just me, but there's a great 60s feelgood vibe in here.

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Sandy Gritt said

Yes! tasty...and rockin'