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by Keith Landry



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When my daughter and I use to play computer games on the Sinclar Spectrum. ( One Kilobyte). Many years ago we combined our names Samantha And Dad, Hence Samadad.

Guest said

Ohhhh Sinclair Speccy,the memories,the simplicity the s***e games that we remember so fondly.Nice rememberall sort of track here too.But remember this,nostalgia aint what it used to be !

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kirklynch said

Just Beautiful!

Guest said

Beautiful! Love this!

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Keith Landry said

Wow... Very nice on this one Brian. Incredibly clean, just beautiful progressions... Makes me realize just how much I still need to learn about the guitar.

Guest said

Good one.

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Movement To Contact said

Very clean, nice one!

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Norm said

Brian, I think this is perhaps your loveliest post so far. Nice work, Samadad!