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by Keith Landry



Uploaded .

This one is a personal favorite of mine, though it got savaged on Ah well…

It has a lot of parts, lots of gtrs, and boatloads of harmonies. Actually, one guy on Garageband loved it. Maybe some day I will buy him a drink.

Listen to this one loud, in the dark. Or in headphones.

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Brett Warren said

Digging this one a lot too. Only you can know what you like to play, but I think your niche may be the psychedelic tinged material, your voice suits it very well and reminds me of post-punk and new wave like Wire, Stranglers, XTC etc. Good work. P.S. most of the people at Garageband are tone deaf.

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Keith Landry said

Great opening riff... Damn, why didn't I get around to listening to this album sooner... Wait, I know... I was so demoralized by the fact that the album title "28 Days" had already been done (just as I was about to name my 2010 RPM effort the same thing) that I shut my computer before I gave the album a listen! Glad I didn't stick with the name... "Keeping Constant Motion" (the eventual album title) pales in comparison to this rock masterpiece.

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Vegetable Man said

the blue meanies are on the run

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kirklynch said

You're right- sounds great loud and in headphones. Love the vox!!

Guest said

Most excellent track. Who do you sound like, I wonder? Lovely full sound.