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New Toys 2

Uploaded .

Recently picked up an old Ovation 12 string for cheap and also the newer Boss octave pedal, so I had to do something with the new toys

Jason Earls's avatar
Jason Earls said

...the part at about 1:15, Wow!

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willis said


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Richard Hardrick said

!!! excellent!!! Grande MAESTRO!

slkrell's avatar
slkrell said

Yup. good one

Gene Eric Mann's avatar
Gene Eric Mann said

OK, now this is just too groovy! Really digging that bass line. The melody ROCKS! What a far out, fabulous scale, and you execute it well. Everything's delivered nicely, and the mix down/mastering job is delicious. Keep doing this!

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Sister Savage said

And now at 1 min 28... This is one of my favourite of your tracks. Instant download. x

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Sister Savage said

You had me at 13 seconds.

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Gary Fox said

This is a great groove.

Guest said

Hi SFS, oh lovely stuff! Nice crisp sound you got there. Luv Bee

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richardlaceves said

Hi Kirk, thanks for the listen,yes it was wonderful, we had never been there before. I now like to tell friends that visiting Europe for an old guy like me is like going to Disneyland for our kids,, everywhere was fun ,many times just because it was so different,,, again thanks for the listen, i hope winter is not going to slowly or to cold for you,, rik

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Movement To Contact said

Total bad ass. Thanks for being one of my guitar hero's, you rock Kirk.

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Mike Grunert said

Sounds real good!

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Lalo Oceja said

Hi Kirk! Nice sounds, well done my friend!!!

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Buck Erpestad said

Really nice piece Kirk. Excellent 'touch'. Thanks again for stopping my way as well.

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another cultural landslide said

You need to buy new toys more often. This track is absolutely fabulous!!!! w;-)

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Wildgeas Music said

Whew! - Please step to the head of the class!

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richardlaceves said

fery nice, great playing,the pedal effect is cool

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Greg Connor said

You just blew me away! Excellent Kirk

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slkrell said

Cascades nicely

igor's avatar
igor said

~The Soundtrack of Their Lives~

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Message She Gave said

Whoah, awesome stuff.

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Roger M. Harris said

Killer track Kirk, do love new toys....

Guest said

Love it. Gotta do something like this. Best thing I've heard today. Love the way it develops.

Guest said

I enjoyed that, easy on the ears.

 funkyaxe 's avatar
funkyaxe said

Lovely feel to this track and very very it

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dougsparling said

Awesome and way better than the new Davey Spillane...not pure shyte!

mmi's avatar
mmi said

Yay for new toys! Awesome stuff. Love that super-wide 12-string tone!

Jason Earls's avatar
Jason Earls said

Such a sweet groove, and all those tasty licks everywhere... Wow!

Raimondi Custom Guitars's avatar
Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Kooh....this is sweet..nice textures over that riff...nice modal soloing.

Guest said

Great playing and mixing.

Guest said

..nice, brother

Buck Erpestad's avatar
Buck Erpestad said

Nice, clean and funky.

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kavin. said

Nice combo. Those Ov 12's seem to be making a resurgence. I almost bought one a few months ago but the owner and I couldn't agree on a price.

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Keith Landry said