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by Keith Landry


Gumtree Canoe

Uploaded .

Cover of a 19th century minstrel tune attributed to S.S. Steele, popularize by the late great John Hartford. This is my own arrangement. I use it as a backing track for alive set without the banjo and lead vocal tracks.

BTW- that banjo is an old StewMac aluminum kit banjo dating from the early 70s. I put a synthetic goatskin head and custom bridge on it and that old mutt just sparkles now.

Guest said

Hello, Robert. Good tribute to the man . He dared to break the mold(mold) from the picked banjo repertoire. You have done this up right. Most pleased and Fav'd

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Ahhhhhh thats nice.......

stoman's avatar
stoman said

I just downloaded all the tracks you posted here. Great folk music - thanks for sharing! Regards, Steffen

Guest said

Wonderful stuff! Very clear voice you have, great pitch! ha, digging the banjo!

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

really good.

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James Michael Taylor said

Very nice. Vibrant vocal and the blend of guitar and banjo is very sunny. Has me wanting to sing along in harmony. Great guitar sound on the break. Here comes the it. Sorry about the load up. I've got 40 CDs and I'm trying to get them all uploaded so when people want to hear a song they will all be available.

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Greg Connor said

That's some fancy picking Robert