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by Keith Landry


Needless Spark

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Track 1 from “Vines” by The Anchorage Drift

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Keith Landry said

Just downloaded the whole album... I'll be putting in in slot one of the CD changer for the ride out to Portsmouth... Then hitting repeat over and over and over...

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The Rose Serum Sextet said

Oh, I like this.

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Dirty Spirits said

outstanding everything. great song.

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am/fm dreams said


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Keith Landry said

Holy-crap-good vocals. First rate wall-of-guitar-sound production. Tight-and-edgy-all-at-once drums. Perfect arrangement and harmonies. First rate... Simply first rate.

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AMUC said

I'm in shock that this is your RPM Challenge album. The whole thing sounds very professional - the vocals/songwriting/mastering. It's all good.