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by Keith Landry



Uploaded .

This is my song Floating fully recorded at Blue Frog Studios.
Alsooo check out the video for a live version!

Enjoy :)

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jip said

wow - nice live version singing

Guest said

Your vocals are effortless, good pipes

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Brett Warren said

Nice song Corbin, I like your voice.

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boy named bri said

Very pretty song and very nice vocals also. One of my favorite songs I've heard on Alone Tone in a while!

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oldrottenhead said

loving this.

Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Corbin, Just swinging by again to have a listen to this little piece of perfection. Hey, how many of the instruments are you playing on this? I'd love to hear the recording process for this song. It truly is one of the most perfectly crafted, arranged, and performed songs I have ever heard. Be good and keep charging toward greatness! Keith

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xxp said

great song, mix and vocals!

Guest said


Keith Landry's avatar
Keith Landry said

Man, great live recording in the undisclosed stairway location! This track really is better than anything on the radio today... In every way. This song and "One Step At a Time" really are as good as music gets, and has me thinking about how to improve as a writer. To think that you've written, arranged, and recorded these two songs this early in your musical journey has me looking forward to where you'll be going!

Guest said

Wow, didn't think you could sound even better. Awesome work!

Guest said

Hey, great song. Beautifully performed.

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richardlaceves said

very fine,, the video is really cool..

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rinyville said

Hey great song and great voice! I'll probably be in Vancouver this summer. Maybe there's a chance I can see you perform there! And thanks for your comment on my song 'Hey Amelia'. Off to listen to your other songs.

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lumberfork said

Great tune.

another cultural landslide's avatar
another cultural landslide said

Another excellent track from you! Love your work! w;-)

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Reefwalker said

great tune, the mix and vox are perfect. I really like the live version too.

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Reefwalker said

great tune, all around great mix and vocals I though the live version was cool too.

Guest said

Very well done. clean recording on all instruments..the vox/lyrics are ace! 'Applause'

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Keith Landry said

Yup... I knew we'd be hearing some incredible stuff coming from you. Outstanding tune in every way, Corbin. Terrific songwriting, perfect arrangement, and spot-on performance. Stay true to this acoustic sound, my friend, and I'll be following every step of your musical ascent to greatness!

Guest said

Well done , great tune.