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Keep It Simple (Willem remix)

Uploaded .

Along with her magnificent harmonizing vocal tracks, Inge sent me one track which was crashed by her 2-year old son Willem. He pretty much takes over the whole operation at about 3:00.

In the background you can hear the original rough vocals I sent for Inge to learn the song (pretend you don’t hear them… they’re not very good). Thanks Inge for sending this extra track along. I hope it brightens everyone’s day the way it brightened mine.

Endicott Road's avatar
Endicott Road said

Very cute. Loved little Willem's laughing. Melts me heart! ER

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Movement To Contact said

Nice speech man!! There are actually so many good songs it's hard to figure out where to start...every artist I click on had a pile of good tracks. If nothing else maybe we can all post some fav's to the forums and find even more amazing tracks we missed.

Guest said

Ha, dear little soul. That will be a lovely memory in the future.

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520 said

This is a great track, and Williems inclusion adds to the lighthearted nature of the song :) agree with MTC's comment about having it as a hidden track

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vaisvil said

I love Inge's voice! - so rich. BTW - what guitar do you play - it sounds quite nice. A very good tune you both put together here.

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Movement To Contact said

I think you should us this as a hidden track on the cd man., and especially on this site, should be for the love of music and to share it....hidden track bro...just sayin...

Guest said


Guest said

Lovely song, beautiful voice - and Willem's addition's are magical - these recordings are wildly precious. Thanks for sharing! :)

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richardlaceves said

very fun and very nice

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Keith Landry said

(@Reefwalker) I may go back and record a different version with the two of us singing together. It is daunting to try to keep up with her incredible vocal talents, though!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate very cool. Kids are great value.

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Reefwalker said

great singing by Inge, but I like hearing both of you sing during parts of this song. As for after 3:00 well, that part is totally awesome too! :)