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Hog's Back (RPM)

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3rd one for RPM2011. This is an ‘oh you’ll never get to heaven’ type affair inspired by a beer my mate introduced me too. The song is basically about drinking yourself to death and having one up on the healthy brigade having made a rather spectacular entrance through the pearly gates. Apologies for the accent. There’s not too many Cowboys in the Rhymney Valleys to style myself on..

Well it wasnt long ago
Was bout may or june
and i was tryna find myself something to do
I call my friend up and he says swing on by
So i hope in the car and i arrive at his place
This heres a new beer you need to have you a taste
He said, I’m thirsty as hell, I says well, so am I

You can hide in the back of a lorry
You can hop all the way in a sack
None of the stares that you get will compare
To when you ride in on a Hog’s Back
You can bungee in a live volcano
Or skate down a railway track
None of the stares that you get will compare to
When you ride in on a Hog’s Back.

Well it was fairly recent
About june or july
Went on a bender with my friend and go so damn wired
That we starts talking all weird, like what if we died
I said hell well everybody die on their day
Might as well go out in an interesting way
I’ll drink to that he said
And he kinda said it with pride.


And I dont mind telling you which way I will choose
I finally found a way to get one up on you.


Well I love that beer
And its my only brand
And I don’t expect yall to understand
But by and by that beer is gonna see me right
Cos for all your clean leaving and your healthy ways
All of yall is gonna look the same
But me I’ll be riding on in all undignified.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

...i also intend to go in an interesting way but not just yet...

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Norm said

Excellent! Reminds me a bit of "Uneasy Rider" by Charlie Daniels, which is a song I have always wanted to cover.

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another cultural landslide said

LOL! Love the humor, then a brilliant vocal! This is excellent! w;-)

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Gary Fox said

This is brilliant.

Guest said

Love it!Siob xxx very Johnny Cash, Amazing even Neil Youngish Incredible Wowsa!

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thetworegs said

Your welcome in the cellar anytime hope you have a nice time on your hols in june ill try and meet you there.

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Jason Earls said

brilliant man, great lyrics!

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ghostly said

Just been through your RPM tracks on your homepage and this one stands out. I usually hate this sort of track but for some reason I am really digging this (Thank You is the other stand out track)! Thanks for your comments on my track by the way, hope RPM is treating you good!

Guest said

Hell yes Johnny Cash somebody else...I dig the arrangement and to and fro of the 'Cash' type part and the higher vocal. Well chuffed with this ,great job. Jarvo

Guest said

Lots of fun and very well done.

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Rob and Laura said

whoah, so nice.

Guest said

wow awesome Alex!

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Keith Landry said


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thetworegs said

Love it Yeeeh Haaaa