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by Keith Landry


Fail (w/Keith Landry)

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Lyrics by Daniel Parkhill, Music by Daniel Parkhill and Keith Landry

There’s a price to pay to be the boy who popped out from a storybook
And every single day I find the jury’s giving me the alibis.
So let me tell you:
I’m so-so tall, I’m not too smart, I’m not too dumb.
Historically, I’m lonely like the number one.

Yeah, dig a little deeper boy.
Yeah, words fail.
And when everyone is tellin you you can’t and you know you can.
Yeah, don’t fail.

Well, the other day I realized that you have changed and so have I.
And I know you’re asking about my change of heart.
So let me tell you:
Nothing can change the old events of yesterday.
But I am told that I’m the one who knows the way.


SOLO - Keith Landry


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Keith Landry said

Hey Daniel! Good to hear this one in its completed form! Thanks for letting me come along for the ride! Keith