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by Keith Landry


Ain't No Grave mix4a

Uploaded .

I needed a place to host a work in progress where it wouldn’t be obvious so you might have found a secret mix!!!
So that 4 minute song with the slide guitar that no-one listens to is gone ;-)

Guest said

Wow!! It sounds great. I have listened to the youtube version many times. Great interpretation

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thetworegs said

Oh!! Wow!! Missed this beauty.......

Guest said

Now thats how to play slide my piece is too whiney I think...too trebly....can you reccommend any tipos pointers or techniques on slide ? This is great . Jarvo

Guest said

My first impression is that the vocals are now too low in the mix. I much preferred mix3a. However, this is the first music I've listened to through this machine and heads so have no basis for comparison. So far I'm just delighted that the technology works.

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kavin. said

Excellent. Nice live sound to this.

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Gumbo said

haha - so much for secret - i forgot you'd get an email any critiscisms of the mix gratefully received!

Guest said

And just listen to the band. Coo, I wish! Such a great vocal. What a track! Double fave!

Guest said

Love it!! As I soon as it began I thought I'm gonna like this and then the vocal.... Well fantastic! Great song and music Gumbo!

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Keith Landry said


Guest said

You had me waiting to find out what happened - through all those pauses. Lovely guitar playing.

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jesse1366 said

Love that slide!!

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Gumbo said

LOL Yes! That's what this needs - a video with thunderstorms and dancers!

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moschell said

I really like the pace of this one. Very laid back... at least it made me very laid back. Also, this is about the speed at which I can actually dance.