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by Keith Landry


The First Days of Summer (Demo)

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Guitars, mandolin, penny whistle: Doug Sparling
Composer: Doug Sparling
Recorded: 2006

From an out of print, self-released CD I put out in 2006 (titled “The Old Stone Bridge” - not the same one as the Old Stone Bridge tracks I’ve released on alonetone). Really more of a demo than a finished recording. IIRC, I recorded and mixed this thing with a Fostex MR-8. All guitars and mandolin direct, SM-57 for the whistle.

I did a little editing and took out about a minute’s worth of music…way too long.

Guest said

Let me echo the comments on this song, so beautiful, haunting yet wrapped in the warmth of a loved ones arms. Ummmm.

Guest said

I live in the snowy Northern Adirondack Mountains in a small cabin ... This song contains all the joy one feels on the first warm days of Spring when the green grass finally shows through the snow. This song is so incredibly beautiful that it stirs deep emotions. Thank You for posting this here. I first heard it on Celtic Melt Radio via Live 365.

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Johnny Stone said

Dig that Celtic sound great mate.

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Keith Landry said

Another reeeeeeally great track, Doug. So freakin' multi-talented.

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launched said

Beautiful, my man!