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by Keith Landry



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Keith Landry said

Great track, Colin! To think it was a part of the 24-hour challenge is mind-blowing!

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Keith Landry said

Hey Colin, I'll be doing a ridiculous amount of downloading once I remove all the useless commercial musical crap from my iTunes. This track is outstanding. Man, what is in the water in Liverpool to create such great musicians, and can we please start bottling it and drinking it over here.

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OHHO said

Lovely song Colin, just lovely.

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A Bit More Better Productions said

crept into my subconscious this one! Suddenly found myself singing.. luckily i wasnt writing at the time.. so i didnt do a ringo. Job well done though fair play.. amazed you managed this stuff in 24. Mines gonna be tripe. :)

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glu said

Good work! Wow, all these songs in 24hrs! right on! Good work!

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another cultural landslide said

Beautiful, Collin.

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Jeff Archer said

Awesome!!! Very Nice!