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Cape Breton Wedding

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I found a cassette tape the other day from 1991 which turned out to be live to 2 track demos that Scartaglen did in the studio in preparation for our 3rd and (as it turned out) final album. This tune didn’t make the cut for the record but I always liked the tune. I played Uilleann pipes and whistle on this cut. We learned this tune from Paul Mac Donald, a great Cape Breton style fiddler from Prince Edward Island. If Paul ever happens to see this “how about a few triple rum and cokes eh?”

Guest said

Very catchy melody!

Guest said

And a wonderful time was had by all. Cheers Bee

Guest said

Takes me back to the glorious weekend we spent with Gumbo last year. We heard all sorts of lovely, live Gaelic music. This is very pretty! Bethan

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Jason Earls said

wonderful, such incredible melodies!

Guest said

Old World Lovely

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Dreamhenge said

Nice sounds on this Kirk! Love the traditional Celtic sounds mixed with the modern ambiance. Keep me posted on your music! Thanks, Best Regards ,Rich

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Farfetched Tangmo Band said

I'll thank and type Paul MacDonald one more time. Maybe he'll google his name and have a bit better chance of landing here for his R&C's. I like this a lot, Kirk.

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Reefwalker said

Pipes and strings - nice ! quality sounds really good, hard to believe 91 was 20 years ago

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Johnny Stone said

Great pipes mate very cool.

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Elusive Gene said

So pure! As ever, I adore your pipe-playing - am always blown away by your versatility, Sir FS. (Triple rum and coke sounds good.)

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captured enchantment

Guest said

Fantastic Kirk!

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richardlaceves said

dancing, singing,,, the wind with a smile on it's face as it listens at the door,,, with this and many of your tunes ,, you bring a magic, to the air, well played

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This is Magic! Enchanting bro!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

I was just Talking about the Uilleann pipes the other day. This is amazing man! Faved!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Lisa D said

Absolutely wonderful! I love the way you play the uilleann pipes ... such a great feel for phrasing. Beautiful whistle playing too.

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Dave Berry said

Thats the total deal........I'm going to tune up in DADGAD and play along with you guys here. What a great full sound. This warms my heart might I say.

Guest said

Hello,Kirk I liked ittoo, Steve

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Norm said


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dougsparling said

Actually, make that great tune!

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dougsparling said

I remember Paul from when Scartaglen used to play down by Folgers on 9th St. Nice tune.

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Rick Phillips said

Dancing and smiling and drinking with friends family and children running about at the wedding!

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Movement To Contact said that is some good music. Perfect way to wake up today, thanks Kirk.

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Keith Landry said

Love it! Please never stop digging through old tracks!!!

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epimeison said

Absolutley beautiful!

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thetworegs said

excellent tune my jig shoes on and a dancing in the kitchen to it....very autumnal .....

Guest said

Lovely catchy little melody!

Guest said

How I love this genre! My ultimate favourite! Reminds me of a trip to Ireland back in the spring. Great work all!

Guest said

This song filled my kitchen as I made our coffee this morning. Fantastic!