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by Keith Landry


Save Me

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What’s rock and roll without a yee-haw or war-whoop before a solo?

This ragged piece of something or other came from a riff I had laying around for a couple of years. I pieced it together kind of last minute for RPM 2006. It’s not bad, a lot of energy, but someday I may redo this one to do it the justice it deserves.

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Brett Warren said

Again, excellent.

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Keith Landry said

The urgency of this album comes through in all the best classic rock ways... Truly this album epitomizes the RPM challenge. Listening to this album should be a pre-requisite for every artist's introduction to the RPM Challenge. ...And war whoops are right and proper before the thrashing guitar solo.

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stoman said

Good old 70s rock - that's what your music sounds to me. Really fun to listen to.

Guest said

This is a really well played and produced track Gary, I was actually sending you a message to say that we really appreciate your comments, ha ha and heard this.

Guest said

Great riff, Gary! EXCELLENT track!