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Noodling with the “art guitar” in DADGAD tuning in the Serra sculpture Vortex at the FW MOMA. No fx added, all natural reverb/delay inside the structure.

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galinka-music7 said

Interesting fantasy))

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igor said

Fort Worth/Vortex: the right place to strum, which goes into effect, which, in turn, moves the world around. I think so now, when listening to these VSs. Thank you Kavin, who is from planet Texas.

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CMOR said


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issleneandleo said

truth with a guitar.

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Keith Landry said

There are a good many (like myself) who merely play (or at times fight with) the guitar. Then there are a very few (like Kavin) who truly are the guitar. Kavin, both this track and you as an artist are simply magnificent.

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Keith Landry said

Just outstanding. Beautiful tone. Just first rate listening, Kavin.