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Pea Pod Magic

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Well, screw the metronome, damn the torpedoes, and grab a capo!

Sometimes the best versions are the ones played fast and loose. Hope you enjoy this song adapted from one of my all-time favorite poems (I’m a bit biased since my dad wrote it).

Pea Pod Magic (Raymond Landry)

How do the pea pods blossom and bloom
I’ve stared at the plants from dawn until noon
Nothing but leaves and millions of flowers
No sign of veggies for hours and hours

Surely no crops will emerge this year
The sun’s been to hot, the drought to severe
The plants are too crowded, nothing will grow
All of the stages are moving, moving too slow

Next morning all laden the bushes and vines
Pods by the hundreds as green as the pines
The annual miracle sprouting anew
And how it all happened I haven’t, I haven’t a clue

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James Michael Taylor said

Very good! ...and well done.

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kirklynch said


Guest said

the magic of ...ONE!.... nice thoughts!

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Wildgeas Music said

Sweet little ditty.

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Djörk said

sounds like slightly more up tempo than I remember the first version... i like it :)

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Movement To Contact said

Yep i think you put the last nail in this one man.

Guest said

Two minutes of pleasure. Thank you

Guest said

Breath of fresh air! Lovely heart-warming collab. :)

Guest said

Yep, strummed and whistled to rights!

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Johnny Stone said

Great job of very cool poem.

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thetworegs said

a great one to wake up too"........

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Keith Landry said

Yeah I faved it... I reserve the right!... My dad wrote it... It's my favorite poem of his!