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MTC Standing in the Center

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Garn/Landry (And I barely deserve any credit for this one at all)

A while back, Jim recorded a rough version of this song, and upon listening to it, I was thrown back to a day from my youth. While vacationing in Vermont, a small twister throwing leaves rolled up the mountainside and into our yard.

Everyone backed away from it.
I stepped inside it.
And was rewarded.

Thanks, Jim for recording this song and allowing me to stand in the center of your musical genius.

Standing in the center with the wind whipping ‘round my face
A miracle of air climbing up the mountainside
A glimpse into heaven playing with hell in this place
I’ve been given the chance to step inside

So quiet in the center of this tiny little twister
A taste of the danger of what could be
My hands in the leaves flying up faster
Heaven and hell spinning ’round me

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Breaking Light said

Somehow I missed this, musta been asleep. Thanks to Reef for pulling my coat.. this is great great!

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Reefwalker said

great tune guys, cant believe I missed this one. great vox Keith

Guest said

Ooo, you're brave! I think your song is perfect for Mover's wonderful music.

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Andrew Russe said

This is superb. Just superb.

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Greg Connor said

Great way to build a song. . . Keep them coming!

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another cultural landslide said

Brilliant track, Keith! One of my faves from you, EVER! w;-)

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vaisvil said


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Wildgeas Music said

I love you guys :)

Guest said

Sweeping collab - great feel, fellas!

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Movement To Contact said

Genius?! lol.....nope i'm just me buddy. ;)

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BogStomp said

Great tune, the guitar work is fantastic.

Guest said

Well done.

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Johnny Stone said


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Keith Landry said

I know when to go minimalist and stay out of the way of guitar excellence!

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Movement To Contact said

Glad i got a chance to get this over to you again! Did it justice Keith, SWEEEEET!

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kirklynch said

Nice! Great stuff guys!

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Keith Landry said

Jim's a genius.