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Riding Rails

Uploaded .

an improv with the ol pedal steel, with loads of fx. Spent a lot of time trying to get the noise off this track, but had limited success.

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Breaking Light said

Thanks Chris. The pedals lower the pitch on the strings, like a tremolo bar on a conventional guitar, but one string at a time, not all. Mine is a 6 string with 4 pedals.

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vaisvil said

I love the sound of this - beautiful!! What do the pedals do in a pedal steel guitar?

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Reefwalker said

very cool FXs> using a bow on this right? love the sound

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Keith Landry said

Very cool... Great to listen to while grading these algebra quizzes!

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Jean-Luc Thomas said

Im getting a Pink Floyd/Yes. vibe, rock on.

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Movement To Contact said

Very smooth sounds, love the texture you got going on on this one

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kirklynch said

Fascinating sounds! Always wanted to have a go at pedal steel myself

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Breaking Light said

You're right SS, I thought of whales too, may have to retitle it now! @Joe: I think it's C6 tuning, which is standard ps tuning, I could be wrong. As some of you know my BL stuff is heavily inspired by Susan Alcorn, and esp. this piece. Look her up on YT and elsewhere, she's incredible.

Guest said

Reminds me of whale song! Gorgeous!

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Big Joe Silence said

love this! what tuning did you use?