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Both Sides Now,Joni Mitchell

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This is a beautiful song from Joni Mitchell. My friend had his 50th birthday and this was my gift, I played it live at his party and recorded it later (4-2-2011)in my livingroom.
It’s one take, can’t mis that if you listen to it all the way. :-)

enjoy listening,

with a smile,


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Nightmoth said

You have a gorgeous voice!

Guest said sing like an angel. Love this song. X Eva

Guest said

my favorite song....thank you Inge, Lucas/Doggy Few

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Joni is the ultimate. I just listened to Ladies of the canyon album 4 times the other day. Love the way you interpret it here. one of my faves! Love you keeping tge honesty in the take. ;)

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kirklynch said

What a Gorgeous version of a classic!

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Johnny Stone said


Guest said

Lovely cover, lovely voice. Gorgeous! I like the way you carried on after the pitfall. Trooper!

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richardlaceves said

with respect and with a smile,, sooooo nicely done,, and life is like that, and quite beautiful none the less,, well done r

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Keith Landry said

Oh my, Inge... That soulful voice of yours is just outstanding... Soothing, almost healing. So happy to hear a new track from you! Please, please, please keep them coming.

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Movement To Contact said

Beautiful Inge :) Glad to see a new song from you!!

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Guest said

Good delivery on the explative

Guest said

It was a great gift, tears in my eyes and.. she gave me 10 years bonus, in reality it was my 60th birthday ((-;[=

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Andrew Russe said

This is a fine version - listened to it a couple of times. Lovely performance. Even with the ad lib!! So glad to know for certain that it's not just me that finds that particular ad lib making it's way onto my recording machine :-) BTW - It all seems to be on the left channel of the stereo, though - is that what you intended?

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thetworegs said

Oh I forgot thank you......

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thetworegs said

What a beautiful gift ..Joni is one of my fave's and you have done this one justice ....Faved and saved