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Keith Landry's Favorite tracks on alonetone

by Keith Landry


Don't Fade To Black

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This one started as a the title line while driving in my car. All I had was the line and it’s melody. I built the song around that about 6 months later. The lyrics are self explanatory.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

I always felt ballads in 3/4 allow the singer to emphasis the vocal anx lyrics. This is a great example.

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Endicott Road said

Excellent introspective song. Well done. ER

Guest said

Great song!!!!!

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Andrew Russe said

This one had better not be cr@p now lol... And it's not... it's tingle-down-the-spine music. A perfect finish to an utterly stunning album. Well done, very well done indeed.

Guest said

A beautiful end to this great album

Guest said

Excellent album Gary, and this track is a real gem. :)

Guest said

Rockin' album, Gary Fox! As usual. Brilliant songs, performed professionally! KUDOS!

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another cultural landslide said

Gary, this is my favorite album from you ever! Brilliant work. This song brought tears to my eyes I was so moved. This is a GF masterpiece. I MUST HAVE a autographed copy of this album. Please, I would keep & carry this with me always. w;-)

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Orphans said

like this one too - great job

Guest said it. wow.

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Dirty Spirits said

beautiful song and great performance. i'm a fox. ironicly just lost my uncle gary. yes gary fox. weird. great rpm . i was blown away. incredible guitar parts and your vocal was spot on.

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Keith Landry said

As good an album closer as you will ever hear. Great big picture stuff here, Gary... Thanks for sharing the uncertainty through this perfectly crafted song.