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was messing about with the tuning on my jasmine electro acoustic. Tuned it to this tuning F# A C# F# A C#. And this little song popped up out of nowhere, Had my hiking gear on so you can hear my jacket sleeve sliding up my trouser leg every time i change chord lol. recorded unplugged straight to my MicroBR before i forgot it. Plan to do it properly.
It is what it is.

Everything is easy
When you know the rules
The practice that makes perfect
Or just enough to get by
And ever single day
You learn a little more
Some more than you forget
Come into my arms
Lay down next to me
Look up to the clouds
And tell me what you see
And every ray of light
That fell down from the sun
Has shone on everyone
Love is all we want
Love is all we got
Hey it’s nice to meet you
Just to spend some time
Watch the hours pass by
Never get them back again
So try to do the right thing
Leave something that counts
We’re here just for a short time
Love is all we want
Love is all we got