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Black Cat Bone - Stripped - Every Morning

Uploaded .

This one was recorded on the 16th February 2011 at Pat Molloys (o’Neills) in Colchester. Featuring Stuart Tizzard on Slide and Vocals, lovely example of a laid back country blues, one of my favourites from the set I think

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nightsun said

Cheers Reefwalker, You're right there is some clipping on the bass, I posted this one up quickly as I'm testing Alone tone integration into a couple of sites. I'll roll off the bass today and pop up a new version. I'm playing with a new recorder (Zoom H2) and this was the first DI recording I'd done rather than using the onboard mics. I got a little enthusiastic with the bass. Blad you like the tune though, more of the same can be found at, and more will be appearing on here over time. Cheers NS

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Reefwalker said

great tune, great blues, great delivery. I wish the recording had less clipping on the bass or perhaps a limiter-but wait, its likely just my broke-ass computer speakers...:)