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A giant Blue and a red Dwarf (part 1) [ambient]

Uploaded .

still one of my personal faves. - although i’d wish to redo some parts, i’m stuck with this version, since i don’t own one of the synths used there anymore..

(original photo)

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Movement To Contact said

Still updating my little studio....needed a pick me not working. :)

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

..'been diggin it all.. :)))))))))))))))))))))

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Reefwalker said

I cant believe I missed this, very chillin track indeed, I really like when the base comes in around 230, and.. that pic is a trip

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Alister Flint said

from the little i'd gather, this is real, yes! and yes, i'm getting to really like that lens i've made.. keep things mysterious (right!) ;)

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Norm said

Hilarious! Yep, I thought I was looking at a Hubble photo. Great example of the power of suggestion. That Flint lens gets me every time - there's no way the photo used here is for real, right? Looks dangerous to me.

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Alister Flint said

@Norm: you might actually be surprised ;) (i've included link to the original photo in the description..) and thanks to all for listening.

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Alister Flint said

@Norm: you might actually be surprised: Giant Blue and a Red Dwarf and thanks to all for listening.

Guest said

Ooo, atmospheric stuff and draws in the listener. Terrific depth.

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richardlaceves said

very nice,, and yes i see why it's one of your fav's,, it's also one of my faves too

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Movement To Contact said

Not by a long shot! Trust me i use VERY basic recording equipment. Even my cakewalk program is like 5 years old. Half the time when I use my computer I cross my fingers to make sure is dosen't crash!!

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Wildgeas Music said

Interesting and colorful. I must try an ambient piece.

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Norm said

Yes, an instant classic. (And on this one I think I have actually figured out what the underlying image is behind the "Flint lens" graphic. Well, the title helped a little.)

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launched said

Mighty fine! Only a listener will I ever be, and that is a great thing.

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vaisvil said

one of my personal favorites too :-)

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mmi said

Great track.

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underwood said


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kirklynch said

Very Nice!

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Mr Sandbags said

Enjoyed this one very much.