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Call Collect to God

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Sometimes there’s an image you just can’t get out of your head. I don’t know this girl, but I’m sure she exists.


She’s been chasing rainbows with the wind in her hair
Spending years running to the end to find there’s nothing there
Always looking on the bright side even on the darkest day
All the hope she’s carried all her life has all but washed away

You’ll find her on her knees
When it gets too hard
As if a candle could connect her
Call collect to God

It dances in the shadow, a little corner of the room
Reminds her of the springtime when all the world’s in bloom
With the red glass around it, somehow better than the rest
She keeps searching for the answers to some unwritten test

It’s just a tiny little flame
But it’s gotten her this far
As if that candle could connect her
Call collect to God

Little spirals climbing in the air
Trying to reach someone who cares

So she keeps chasing rainbows and fighting off the fear
I wonder ‘bout the days when I don’t find her here

Tired eyed and hypnotized
Like she’s staring at the stars
As if that candle could connect her
Call collect to God

Guest said

Okay, I'm taking a break here. I haven't listened to this much of your music in a row for ... I mean ... since yesterday..........

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James Michael Taylor said


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Reefwalker said

Its hard not for me to think of Nick Drake when i first hear some of your tunes. Good to see you posting agin!