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I wanted to record something that sounded like Jimi Hendrix and Jack Bruce (in his Cream days) jamming together.

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FDR said


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Rick Maurer said

Sweet playing!

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thetworegs said

Yeah!!!! Rocking

Guest said

thx bud.

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Will I Ram said

awesome! would love to hear you jam out and cover something like acid rain by liquid tension experiment or transmutation 5(ascent) by praxis. I am jamming to this big time and it's not my hypochondria speaking.

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Rubber said

Oooh! You've gotta love Diamanda Galas. Thanks for that comparison. :) Sister Savage is an extremely talented vocalist. Hey man, nice fuzzy tone on this one. JRR

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richardlaceves said

very,, very,,,very,,,,,, nice,, must be fun to be able to play so well..... i think that if i played guitar this is how i would like to do it......this is a great listen!!!

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sixmilewide said

You did a fantastic job, this track is jammin

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Reefwalker said

This is great stuff. love those highs

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kirklynch said

Smokin' stuff!

Guest said

I think you have got the hang of it on guitar, and boy howdy.