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She Did

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Everyone has a first time….

This is an “out-take” from the You EP. Written in 2000 it was not finished as far as it is until 2005. Being lazy I just adapted the original rough take I made so I would not forget the song.

There are a few electric guitar takes and vocal line. I one point I got real cheesy and had a “Hey Jude” like ending… thank heavens I came to my senses.

At one point Michele donated her voice (you’ll see) and then Debbie added drums (on that “bought on time jazz kit” with one arm in a cast) and I threw in bass. Then I did something I had not done before - played lead clean and post-processed - well actually Debbie rearranged and distorted the lead and had a lot of input on the production.

There were way more flaws then what you hear in this. Still the performance is wanting on my part. Since I do not play in time trying to add additional lines can be “challenging”. I’m a special needs musician.

Betty ;-)
no-name bought on time drum set
fender mustang
cakewalk pro audio and then sonar 2.2
no name bass

It wasn’t what I was looking for
It wasn’t what I expected
And yes, I was not immune
And I didn’t know what to say
When she said
“Come here and sit next to me”

So I did
Looking into her eyes
Felt fear, anticipation
Strawberry blond smile
So confident
When she said so sweetly
“I want you to kiss me”

So I did
Not daring to think
That this could be
What I had dreamed
So warm in my arms
When she whispered so quietly
“I’ll make you remember me”

And she did
I woke up with the magic
In my hands
Her breathing in my ears
Her face in every crowd
Her words on my lips
“I’ll make you remember me”
And she did

richardlaceves's avatar
richardlaceves said

well spoken friend,,,i see you have a bit of that dramatic poetic within your wonderful musical talents,, i like this side of you very much R

Reefwalker's avatar
Reefwalker said

great tune, lyrics are cool too

Wildgeas Music's avatar
Wildgeas Music said

5 stars - A bit off your beaten path, but very good. One Mo' time!

Alister Flint's avatar
Alister Flint said

i dig it for the lyrics, i dig it for that killer bass coming at 02:01 i dig it for your voice, as "bad" as some might think it sounds, so yes, i dig!

Guest said

This is kinda adorable. :-)

Norm's avatar
Norm said

I really like your voice work and the lyrics as well. And great one-armed drum work!

Guest said

Not what I expected either. Thought it would be an instrumental. This is such a good song, and it changes mood as it progresses. Oh yeah, good one!