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teddygould said


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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

Thanks so much for the sounds and for listening and making comments; best to you today, senor!

Guest said

Hey American boy, welcome back! x

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sixmilewide said

Cool :)

Guest said

How the hell do you get such a convincing Harp sound from your midi player...the pad on my Yammy is p*** poor for harmonica ! This sounds like a classic western film score !

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geowesh said

Love the drums and harp intro. Cool tune.

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launched said

And then that lead kicks in - Sweeeeeeet!!!

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launched said

Killer NY Harp - Love the toms too!

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Reefwalker said

very cool tune. love the harp

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Guest said

I think the violins create a mysterious enjoyable sound! Together with the harmonica. Great!

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Norm said

Yes! One of your best yet. Awesome is the correct word.

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Vestigial Remorse said

Awesome, it has a forceful personality to it that just grabs your attention.

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kirklynch said

Nice one man! You got that guitar breathing fire!

Guest said

I like the harmonica usage.

Guest said

FNG! this sounds like it should be an original western track. I could see Angel Eyes staring at Blondie with utter contempt when I listen to this one.

Guest said

Deep, emotional (almost angry) sounds here. Therapeutic? Hope you're okay, Paul. x

Guest said

Extremely melancholy and emotive. Beautiful indeed.

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Johnny Stone said

This is good mate very cool.

Guest said

The intentional are admirable in essence of purity...everything fits perfectly. awesome!

Guest said

I always admire intentional blanks. another cool movie score to imagine.

Guest said

Good one.