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Eternal becoming

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I saw “the Watchmen”….got me thinking.

are we truly immortal?
will we live through the material passing
or have we died oh so close to the light

not from this earth
not bound by its laws
A slave of no one
I will move beyond

are we truly immortal
unplugged…no longer your fathers child
walking among the non existing

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Andrew Russe said

This is a little bit special.

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npric00c said

You have a very nice voice sir. I enjoyed this : D

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terrysongs said

All down along the sky and rolling.

Guest said


Guest said

Anthony, you have really touched me and inspired me to do more music. I am utterly awed by your talent. Thank you for being so incredible!

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SuperChris said

You have so much soul. I'm gonna start singing with a larger dynamic range like you. I love the way you phrased this lyric. The most important words are held right through to 1, its very pretty.

Guest said

beautiful voice, nice chord changes.

Guest said

What a song!

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Cave Street said

This digs so deep today.

Guest said

Hey Anthony! Its Jackie! Good Job!

Guest said

Wow, yet another beautiful voice. This songs sounds great even over the iPad speakers.

Guest said

keep up

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another cultural landslide said

Anthony, been away from alonetone for a long time. Missed hearing your wonderful voice...this is absolutely beautiful! w;-)

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Sandy Gritt said

beautiful...exceptional vocal performance. Wow.

Guest said

your name certainly suits you. calms my frenetic mind

Guest said

Such a soulful voice - wonderfully haunting, touching sound.

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Guest said

beautiful soft pianoplaying. Your voice is great as well!!

Guest said

Love it!

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Reefwalker said

really moving tune. classic A. Sweet feel

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richardlaceves said

very beautiful,,,

Guest said

Well done.

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Johnny Stone said

Beautiful mate. I do dig the sound you have.